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Press Releases (2012)

Jackie Smith hall of fame football cardinals and Bill Haller national league baseball umpire with representative John Cavaletto. Great hunting day in southern Illinois.

John with congressional candidate Rodney Davis.

Connie with state treasurer Dan Rutherford and Clinton county clerk Mary Rakers.

John with Dave Laws, candidate for Clinton County Board and Senator Frank Watson.

State Rep. Cavaletto at Senior Fair

Cavaletto attends Sorento Homecoming Parade

Effingham County Fair


Springfield…During a one-day special session, the Illinois House of Representatives voted to expel Democrat State Representative Derrick Smith from the House as a result of his March 2012 arrest on charges of alleged bribery, according to State Representative John Cavaletto (R-Salem).

“Today is a sad day for the Illinois House and another sad footnote in the history of Illinois politics. For the first time in 107 years, we voted to expel a House member for deliberately violating the oath of office that every state legislator swears to uphold. While I take no joy in voting to expel a peer, State Representative Derrick Smith betrayed the trust of his constituents,” Rep. Cavaletto said.

On March 13, 2012, Rep. Derrick Smith was arrested by federal agents and was charged with accepting a cash bribe in exchange for recommending a daycare center for an Early Childhood Construction Grant to the Illinois Capital Development Board. Following his arrest, the Illinois House created a Special Investigating Committee to investigate the charges and determine whether any actions should be taken by the House against Rep. Smith.

Over the course of their hearings, the Special Investigating Committee unanimously found that Rep. Derrick Smith abused the power of his office by participating in a scheme to obtain personal benefit in exchange for his official acts.

From there a Select Committee on Discipline was formed and, after reviewing the evidence, determined the proper punishment for Rep. Smith was expulsion from the Illinois House.

Derrick Smith is the first state representative to be expelled from the Illinois House in over a century. The resolution containing the expulsion was House Resolution 1191.

It is important to note that through this action the Illinois House has not convicted Derrick Smith of any criminal charges. Derrick Smith will have his day in court, where a jury of his peers will determine is innocence or guilt.

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